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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


Washers and dryers. Well they're now on- you-know, if they're under water, they- they pooch, then- oh they're yours. I mean, okay fine, be- it' s not my- not my problem. Right? It- you-know, um, because as soon as- what ha-- what happened is- it's one electrical you-know, type-of-thing.
To wear out to the point of breaking down.
So I like go there, eat, go back to class. By the end of the night I'm like "Aw fuck I'm pooched." Then we go up to my- then all- all- me and my room-mate Andy- we had like six room-mates including me- so it was me, Andy, maybe sometimes someone else would come up-
To exhaust, to wear out, to tire.
So I- I work from ten 'til ten. So I wake up, go to work for ten. Work and then by ten I'm pooched so I go home, take a shower and I go out and hang with the guys.
To exhaust, to wear out, to tire.