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Latchkey kids

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1825, OED Evaluation: N/A

Originally: a key used to draw back the night-latch of a door. Now usually: the key of a spring door-lock. Freq. allusive and attrib., with reference to the use of a latch-key by a younger member of a household (esp. one who comes home from school when his parents are still at work) or a lodger.

Yes, um, see well we didn 't have the Internet, and there 's less (inc) and we had less time to get into trouble. I mean even if you were a latched kid, you-know, a latchkey kid, which is- meant your mother worked and you had a key, you came home, you had your chores, you did- first you did your homework and there goes an hour.
And I was part of that. I was probably part of the starting of working mothers and-that. So ah, there's a lot more latchkey kids now than there- than there- than there was. But yeah they- children are in some ways much smarter than- than we were.
Well um both my parents ah worked so I was probably considered one of the first latch-key kids when I was old enough but ah my- went to my grandmother's and ah my parents dropped me off there in the morning and stayed at my grandparents' and then when I was old enough to go to school, again walked to school ah G-L-Comba which is now tore down, which used to be across from the- the high-school.