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Quebec heater

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1903, OED Evaluation: N/A

a solid-fuel, domestic heating stove with a tall, cylindrical firebox.

And we had ours- ours- well it's true, and ah he had a Quebec heater heating the store wasn't um furnace or-anything in those days. It was- everything more-or-less was heated by stoves or coal oil, or it was Quebec heater. And they used to sit around listen to the hockey game.
type of stove
Speaker: Well, the house was so cold that we used to wrap ourselves in- in, ah, a blanket around th-- the Quebec heater. Interviewer: Wow. Speaker: And the Quebec heater, we used to l-- load wood in from the top and ah, it used to go full blast and, ah and ah, the hea-- and if- if you dropped the blanket or if you let the fire go out in the Quebec heater then it got real cold in the house.
type of stove
There was the- we had what they called a Quebec heater, they were supposed to be really good stoves. They were- they stood up high but they were round.
type of stove