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Take on fire

Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: NA


The cottage burnt down (laughs). They- the wood stove took on fire and the- burned the whole cottage down.
Catch fire; begin to burn
Yeah, it's- it's- it's a, ah- i-- it's quite a, ah- a fascinating story when you- when you can really get back to that point of the origins and, ah- and, ah, it was- the- the- the- the stories even gets even more difficult as- when they're coming over the steamship takes on fire. Like, they come over on the main- the main- I think the main ship and they land it in Quebec. And then they take a steamboat up the Saint-Lawrence and- and it takes on fire and they lose most- all- pretty- all of the things they had with them.
Catch fire; begin to burn