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skid - 3

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


Interviewer: High-school. B-C-I. ... And if you thought Queen-Elizabeth was big, how was B-C-I? Speaker: Um well- I'm sure it- thinking back now it felt terribly intimidating. You-know I was terrified mostly of a guy named Jesse-Tomlinson, who was a guy that was at ah Queen-Elizabeth, for some reason I was terribly intimidated or frightened of this guy. I thought he was gonna beat the hell outta me. B-C-I I remember always had a- a- a- not a dark side, but a rep around town that that's where some of the skids were. Interviewer: And what were skids? Speaker: Well they were kind-of the rough types, ah leather-jacketed, long-haired, mullets.
A headbanger/greaser/burnout
Ah not- I don't think there's any real local slang that is really like specific to North-Bay you-know-what-I-mean? Like I-think it's just- like when I was a kid like all the different little groups of kids in school had their little names like the jocks and the preps and, you-know, and the skids. Like I know some places don't use the word "skid" you-know like h-- that's what we- you-know when I was growing up that's- was the word. Like skids and headbangers were sort-of like interchangeable you-know-what-I-mean ...
A headbanger/greaser/burnout