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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1590, OED Evaluation: N/A

Used simply as a title of address, often with no intimation of respect

Speaker:'s heart-breaking. Yeah. And you-know- but ah there was a lot of cases like that, you-know, where ah, you-know, people- innocent people are- I can understand why mad drunken drivers- I mean I can understand the feeling and ah it even woke me up 'cause I used to have an odd drink you-know? We used to think nothing of drinking around town here 'cause it was you-know, you go from here to here and that's it, you-know? Interviewer: Ah well there's nothing too much wrong with that. Speaker: No but ah you- today these young gaffers you-know, they're so anxious to nail you, you can have a half of- half a glass of beer for heaven's sake, they'll- they'll try to lock you up.
A young child
When I was a little gaffer, I could hear mom saying- oh I was- I-guess I must have been a holy terror or-something. Anyway, they had a baby-sitter for us one day over at the cousin the mom's. Over there and one day Rory disappeared.
A young child