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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1819, OED Evaluation: Canada and local U.S.

A side-channel, esp. one creating an island.

Interviewer: Did I ask you if you ever heard the- the word snye? Speaker: Snine? Interviewer: Snye, snye. Speaker: Snye? Interviewer: Do you know what that is? Speaker: I've often heard the word said, but I couldn't tell you what was it for. Snye. Interviewer: Is that, ah, maybe a little, ah, arm of the- Speaker: Oh, in the river. Interviewer: Yeah? Speaker: Oh yes, that's what they called, like, a place where you go in, it's up there, where Finlay's has the cottages. Comes in and goes up in around this way, and then goes no place. Turns around. Is that what you mean? Interviewer: I'll, ah- I just won-- is that what you would call a snye? Speaker: A snye? Interviewer: Do you call that, ah- that little bit of the river there, is that what that kind of thing is? Speaker: Yes, that's a- I worked up there, built a wall eleven feet high on the side of that, for young Bert (inc). Interviewer: But you've heard people talk about the snye. Speaker: Yeah. Yes, but ah, they call other big things- ah, I think it's a dangerous place to get into, or-something, with a boat. Interviewer: Oh, I see. Ah, where- where did you hear this- people talk about it? Speaker: I couldn't tell you that. Interviewer: Was it up in Arnprior, or here? Speaker: I couldn't tell you that. I never went along this lake, up this along to Arnprior. See this here goes into- to Ottawa, down here at Arnprior.
A part of a river that is particularly bendy