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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1607, OED Evaluation: N/A

A strong horizontal beam or balk supporting a wall, joist, floor, or other main part of a building.

Interviewer: Mm-hm. What kinds of, ah, trees were they cutting? Speaker: I do all them sleepers- cedar sleepers that come here to, ah, their, ah, foundry, Finlay's-Foundry. Call them sleepers, they just knock the two sides off. They were about that thick when the two sides was- well then, the boss out there had a shingle-saw, and these log- these was all cut into shingles, these two sides. You didn't lose nothing, do-you-see? Interviewer: How- how did you c-- how did you saw them? Speaker: A saw. Interviewer: By hand? Speaker: Mm-hm. Interviewer: Ah, two men, or one man? Speaker: You would cut them all the right length, do-you-see?
Type of wooden beem.
Speaker So then they- ah, oh yeah, they just moved the desks close together. Brought double rows in and the old desks and the- they were sitting on- on- oh I call them sleepers. The- they had an oak piece run down each side and then they had the- the- the desk were- were screwed to the space and they were screwed with the sleepers. Interviewer: Yup. Speaker: So if you wanted to move them, you just picked up four or five desks and slid them over to where ever you wanted to move them.
Type of wooden beem.
Interviewer: You'd put the carrots in with their leaves, is that what you said? Speaker: Yeah you'd go out and gather leaves. Interviewer: Really? I haven't heard that before. Speaker: That would keep them or you'd put them in a box of sand, and the onions just hung in a bunch in the sleepers.
Type of wooden beem.