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Wild blue yonder

Parf of speech: NA, OED Year: 1300, OED Evaluation: Literary. Archaic. Dialectal

At or in that place; there; usually implying that the object spoken of is at some distance but within sight: Over there, away there.

Interviewer: if you have any of those guys or gals that talked to- Speaker: Not very many left. Interviewer: That would like to have a conversation with me- Speaker: Yeah. Interviewer: Or my team, let me know. Speaker: Yeah. Interviewer: I um- I'd really appreciate it. Speaker: Well I- you-know, I ah- a lot of them- like I say, they're fading off into the wild blue yonder.
Yonder- at a distance in the direction indicated.
Well pulp and paper wasn't too- well a lot of them have- have- have past on in the wild blue yonder and ah with mining- well mining is ah- you can get quite a- you-know quite a few I'm sure.
Yonder- at a distance in the direction indicated.