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Parf of speech: Adjective, OED Year: 1896, OED Evaluation: Colloquial. Chiefly Britain and Australia

As an intensifier, originally as a euphemism for bloody: damned, blasted.

Yes. Well, if you, if you wanted to buy a house and like us, your first house, young family, living on a pretty ruddy tight budget, you, you had to. You couldn 't afford anything else.
Euphemism for 'bloody'.
Interviewer: Yeah. Did you- did you play sports in high-school? Speaker: No, I didn't do a ruddy thing except um very rough sort-of ah basketball.
Euphemism for 'bloody'. could've had a room in that beautiful hotel looking over Quebec-City and the Lake-Lawrence for what we were paying on this ruddy motel.
Euphemism for 'bloody'.