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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1968, OED Evaluation: Slang. Originally U.S.

A drug (esp. an amphetamine), often in the form of a pill, which has a stimulant or euphoric effect

And then you 'd ah knock yourself out for a couple of days. And then when you got up, ah the world was a little groggy, so you took some more uppers. So it was just- ah oh-
A stimulating drug like amphetamine
Um, well there's- my son Erving was accused of being on drugs but it was- he was driving a truck then and it was uppers or-whatever the heck you call it, I-don't-know. And the police came to the door and (sighs) they weren't very nice, they were R-C-M-P and then I called Joe who was, we had a janitorial business at that time and I called him at the bank and he came home and my sister- my daughter-in-law, my oldest daughter in-law was there.
A stimulating drug like amphetamine