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Ass over kettle

Parf of speech: Expression, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


Speaker: My mom says funny sayings. Interviewer: Yeah? Speaker: That would- yeah. Like "Ass over tea kettle." Or something old-person-ish.
Heads over heels
Speaker: A saucer. And it was made out of metal. Interviewer: Oh. Speaker: Now they make them out of plastic. Interviewer: Oh. Speaker: And this one was made out of stainless steel, eh. Interviewer: Oh my gosh. Speaker: And I went down the hill, went backwards and went "(non-lexical sound: pew!)" (laughs). (inc) ass over kettle. It just went- it ended up in the bush (laughs).
Heads over heels
Speaker: The pontoon scraped the ice when we were taking off, if we had been another six inches lower- Interviewer: Yeah. Speaker: We'd have been ass over tea kettle into the- (laughs) into the strait.
Heads over heels