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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1844, OED Evaluation: North American

A small wooden or metal spout for conducting sap from the sugar-maple.

Well you got to tap a tree and if you do it the way everybody started out with, you've got- you put a spile in the hole you drilled and you hang a bucket on it, then you got to collect the sap and then you have to boil it and it all depends on whether you've got a good, big evaporator or not
Something used to get sap out from trees
Interviewer: Now what did you call the thing that goes into the tree again? What was that- Speaker: A spile.
Something used to get sap out from trees
Oh I remember that very well because it- and it was quite a task. We tapped something like three-hundred trees which was huge for the times because my dad and a hired man tapped all those trees by hand with a brace-and-bit and you put the spile in…
Something used to get sap out from trees