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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1522, OED Evaluation: Scottish or Northern dialect

A loud, deep sound, such as the bellow of a bull or the boom of a large bell.

Just nasty. You-know and- there was a- I played in a- in a couple kind-of crooner-bands and Italians really like that kind of music. Like the Louis- Primas, the-Rat-Pack kind of stuff.
A person with a deep, loud voice
I looked at him, holy shit this guy's Italian. He looked like something like Perry-Como, except he wasn't that- yeah I- you know Perry-Como on T-V? Oh yeah, nice short hair eh? He was- he was a crooner. Yeah Perry-Commo- oh yeah he was- he had his own show as well.
A person with a deep, loud voice