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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1841, OED Evaluation: slang. Dial.

To abuse or ‘slang’ (a person).

Speaker: She never hit me! It was the- the- s-- scolding and barging. Gets on your nerves. And you'd rather be- ah, well, you wouldn't be as feared if a man was coming with a knife to cut your throat, and you knew it. Interviewer: Scolding and w-- and what? Speaker: If someone was coming to cut your throat- Interviewer: Yeah. But you said she was scolding and- and what? Barging? Speaker: Yes. Interviewer: What- Speaker: Barging- they could hear her half a- a mile away from the school. Interviewer: What- what does that mean, barging? Speaker: Well, just t-- r-- m-- nothing. Calling you a whole lot of names or something. Interviewer: And you call that what? Ba-- barging? Speaker: Barraging, yes. Interviewer: Barging. I don't know, I've heard- Speaker: Shouting.
To abuse or ‘slang’ (a person).