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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1825, OED Evaluation: Originally Australian

An inhabitant of a town or other urban area, esp. as opposed to the countryside; a town dweller

And there's just- even certain things that I'm trying to think of- like things that people in North-Bay- like one of the things is like "townies". Like if you're from North-Bay and you go to Nipissing they call you a townie.
A person who lives in a town
That was for the- the townies which we- a term we didn't know then but um- yeah, if you were from Lindsay or Fenelon-Falls, you- you- you participated in more sports but ah for the bus people, unless you had parents who would come and get you and I didn't and most people around here didn't.
A person who lives in a town