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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: U.S. slang. (orig. Theatr.)

An act or stage routine; a joke, a ‘gag’. Hence transf. (freq. slightly derogatory), a patter, a ‘line’; a gimmick or characteristic style.

... 'cause most of the time we went downtown it was to Eaton's and Simpson's. You-know, and that 's- oh I loved those places um and the- the winter- you-know we did- we did the schtick of um, the- going to see Eaton's, Simpson's windows at Christmas mm-kay? Ah we did that. It wasn't until I guess my teens type-of-thing that basically I had n-- no great grand desire to go into the city ...
Gimmick, routine, 'thing'.
Speaker: I'm not a fan of the Americans anyway. I- I don't hate them but I- Interviewer: Well they can be interestingly ignorant. Speaker: But I- but I tolerate them. Okay? Um I don't like going to the- I, you-know, I go to The-States very rarely. We did the Florida schtick when we were kids. My father get- one week off ...
Gimmick, routine, 'thing'.
He had six- six-weeks of paid holiday okay? So when we were doing the Florida schtick in Florida he had the option of when he could take his time, so a couple of times he says, "Well, we re gonna go to Florida for Christmas," okay? "We're gonna drive down and camp." Well you know, right down- Interviewer: Camp at Christmas?
Gimmick, routine, 'thing'.
She says, "Well, she ate something there the last time (inc) chicken bone or something like that, she got sick." And I thought, "What you think the poison schtick is going on in this park- in the- in the park here?" "Oh no ah," she says, "Well you do 't know," she says, "You don't know," ...
Gimmick, routine, 'thing'.