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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1889, OED Evaluation: Colloquial. Originally U.S.

A disreputable entertainment venue, later spec. a cheap, sleazy bar or nightclub, typically one where country music is played. In early use also: a variety show featuring acts regarded as disreputable or of low quality, associated with such a venue. Also in extended use. Now chiefly hist.

Yeah it 's- I- well I 've never- I 've never been on the rides but it was- there was always this really- a little bit of the old-fashioned (inc) was honky-tonk (inc) at Niagara-Falls and you thought, "Well it 's such a thing of (inc) wonderful physical beauty,"
a type of bar with loud country music
And ah bars and taverns hadn't open. They were barely in existence then. So entertainment was strictly dance halls. There was no honky-tonks to go to and drink and hear music.
a type of bar with loud country music