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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1513, OED Evaluation: N/A

To prepare or make (an army or navy) ready for active service. Also intr.: (of an army or navy) to get ready

My uncle dies last night you know and it makes me feel so sad, but he has left his big tin to me so I said unto Jane, now come with me and I'll rig myself up with things out of Petticoat Lane." This was a song that you used to sing.
Getting someone ready
I can- I 'm able to put it up on two blocks, right off the floor. Burner and everything sits there and I says, and when I finally got it in and working. It only took me a day to- to rig up a (inc) for it and get it working and I said, "Now this basement can flood all the way to the rafters and it won 't reach the furnace, so go ahead, do your worst!"
Getting someone ready
Speaker: Well I'm rigging you up to this generation. Interviewer: Oh. I wonder what mine is all the way back through my family. I need to know more about my heritage.
Getting someone ready