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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1935, OED Evaluation: US slang

A trivial, useless, or unnecessary undertaking; wasteful expenditure

Speaker: So that was my camp, we never really went to camp after that like, I went to like Camp-Nyorka, I went to Camp-Nyorka for a couple years, where I learned to play with boondoggle. Interviewer: What? Speaker: Like you know, Gymp. Interviewer: Oh yes Speaker: They change the name every two days, I don 't know why. One of my cousins calls it boondoggle and the other one calls it Gymp. Actually, last week I had a little girl-the store was really quiet, so I taught her how to do like some bracelet thing.
Something wasteful and pointless but gives the appearance that it has value