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Barrel churn

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1741, OED Evaluation: NA


Interviewer: Mm-hm. Um how did you make your butter? Speaker: We churned it. We had a barrel-churn, and ah we churned it.
A type of churn.
Mm. I didn't- I didn't mind the other one. It was- it was work but it was kind of fun. The old barrel churn. It had a frame on there and a big barrel that held, I-don't-know, five, six, seven gallons I guess of milk and the- and a handle on it.
A type of churn.
My mother baked bread and churned butter. I remember the barrel churn which went round and round and as a small child, I was scared of it.
A type of churn.