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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1946, OED Evaluation: Slang

A ‘regular guy’, fellow, man.

Oh I've been like- I've been- I've been with'nother time with a Vietnam vet man it's just like a you-know we're sitting playing cards man with this guy. He was like "(exhales)" serious dude man with serious stress. And I was just like "Hey man" like "take it easy" you- know? And "(grumbles)" and it was started you-know I can't really go into details'cause we're taping here you-know-what-I-mean but. You-know you're probably gonna wanna play this for your wife or-something but ah. Some serious cats man. Like those guys are like some like serious sick puppies man those boy.
Black and silver like this with an ol-- and I'd be like stopping traffic basically like satin pants and I was like one crazy looking cat. That was like six-feet-six-inches tall walking down the street.
And my son-in-law is a- he's a pretty sharp cat.