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skid tongs

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


Interviewer: What is this called? Speaker: Those are called skid-tongs. Interviewer: Skid-tongs. Speaker: Or log-tongs they could be called. Interviewer: Log-tongs. Interviewer: And- and when you're skidding, there's two horses- there's a whipple-tree here- here a double tree, a swivel hook and the swivel hook- hooks into that. And when you're the teamster, you got to pick that leg of the tong up and swing it. ... I know one- one set of my log tongs went to Japan and apparently they're building- doing log building over there and that's where they went.
Tongs, usually large and metallic, used for pulling cut trees out of a forest.