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Across the line

Parf of speech: Preposition, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


Speaker: Yeah well a lot of them's from around here, in Ottawa. Interviewer: None from ah- from Toronto or- Speaker: Yes, there's- Interviewer: That's recent though I-think. Speaker: And take it- fr-- from down across the line here. They're over here, tourists in the summertime all up to that country. We cross here in the fall hunting. Way up through the- Interviewer: What- what do you mean across the line? Speaker: Ah in the States. ... With moose hunters an awful lot of us come over moose-hunting. Interviewer: Mm. What state are they- ? Speaker: W-- well it's states just along the border. New-York-State and down across.
Across a geopolitical border
Interviewer: And how long did you live in that neighbourhood? Speaker: I lived there for three years I think. Then we moved to five-Alexandra-Wood, which is few blocks north of there, um so I guess it's North-Toronto too. No, actually it was across the line in North-York. Um, and I lived there until I was fifteen. Then we moved to Forest-Hill-
Across a geopolitical border