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dandy - 3

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


Interviewer: Yeah that's great, but he wasn't gonna stop for you? Speaker: No I don't think he woulda if Roy hadn't ah stepped up to him. Interviewer: But you got your photo that's good. Speaker: Oh I got some dandies. I got- listen I got a pile of books out there on Hank-Snow that deep. Yeah, yeah. Interviewer: So, you got to meet him and ah have you- now what are some- have you met any other kind of celebrities or famous people?
"Dandy ones"
Interviewer: Tell me, do you have any stories about hunting? Speaker: I got a couple of dandies. Interviewer 2: (Laughs) Interviewer: Yeah? Speaker: Yeah. A nice deer, yeah.
"Dandy ones"