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Take to task

Parf of speech: Expression, OED Year: 1546, OED Evaluation: N/A

to deal with or tackle in the way of fault-finding or censure, to call to account about a matter

She did not approve and in front of my grade-ten class took me to task for being a not quite sure what she had in mind. And there always has to be somebody to spoil your fun. But oh that was exciting. My grandfather laughed because he had been not just a barber at times, but also a barber shop singer, barber-shop-quartet, and he sang in the old Griffin Opera theatre down here.
To scold or reprimand someone
Being able to be silly and noisy and out on the street because during my teen years Mother tried to push me out of the house because of my difficulties with Father and often two or three gals would be making too much noise on Front-Street and we had a- a police officer friend at that point and he took me to task for it. Wanted me to be better behaved.
To scold or reprimand someone