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Hack around

Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1955, OED Evaluation: Slang. Originally U.S.

To cope with, manage, accomplish; to tolerate, accept; to comprehend

Once again, that 's an example of something I just self-taught myself, hacked around, trial-and-error and now can confidently build web-sites but um, if you get, if you go to the web-site it 's just, it 's just not content of, of text and basic images.
to explore, understand
ou-know I just kind- of do it, just hack around or just keep busy and I certainly get my, my work out that way. And as you know I worked in the pirate-show with your, with your uncle-Al which was another great experience.
to explore, understand
Well the one that stands out would be G-I-Joe. G-I-Joe- hacking around with G-I-Joe and um, we would wow- okay it would be a group of us, think there was TL, DH- about four of us, and we would always make these vehicles out of cardboard for G-I-Joe and turn these cardboard boxes into little mobile-homes for them and- you-know, explore whatever given country-side there was.
to explore, understand
You-know you can just- you tend to be able to get away with things um, when you 're- and you didn 't- yeah when you 're Yogi-Bear and so yeah you just hack around with the, the crowds that come through and there 's always a kid that comes up to you and wants to make trouble.
to explore, understand