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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1653, OED Evaluation: arch. or Obs.

Exemption, release from any obligation, fate, etc.; remission.

Interviewer: You had an aptitude for art. Speaker: So I had- they found that- they believed I had an aptitude for art, and I do. Um, so the teacher went through the board and got special dispensation to send- to a school that had- the only school that had at that kin-- a art course, an art class, and that was Burnhamthorpe-Collegiate so they said, "Fine," because no other high-school in the area has this course and your teacher says that you should.
Official permission to leave an institution, job, or duty.
... they said, "Okay fine, you can go to Burnhamthorpe-Collegiate." It meant taking two buses and having to get up earlier to go to school but because it was the only Collegiate that had the courses that were required, fine, you had special dispensation to go, and so I went to Burnhamthorpe, and then from there, Burnhamthorpe sent me to Sheraton-College.
Official permission to leave an institution, job, or duty.
And ah after twenty years of priesthood, he met a- a young woman who worked at the ah church in the office there. And ah they fell in love and he got his dispensation from the church and he's married with two children now. So, he has a daughter, fifteen, and a boy a couple years younger. So, he was ah he was a little ah leery when it came- when he made that decision.
Official permission to leave an institution, job, or duty.