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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1491, OED Evaluation: Scottish

prevented by stress of weather from making or continuing a journey.

"Do you mind the time- do you mind the time when such and such a thing happened?" And ah, and then I heard him use the expression storm-stayed which I'd never heard which I'd read about in the- in Peter-Gzowski.
Prevented by weather
He was telling a- a story about one time, he went somewhere and got storm-stayed. I was just totally amazed that I've never heard the word before and then all of a sudden it was just being used in normal conversation.
Prevented by weather
Well Peter-Gzowski ah, on C-B-C had um, ah- he wrote books about his morning show and one of them was on the topic of storm-stayed and- and of course people phoned in from all across the country. And I was reading that book and then a week and a half or maybe two weeks later, uncle-Jimmy dropped in...
Prevented by weather