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The sticks

Parf of speech: Expression, OED Year: 1905, OED Evaluation: Originally US

A remote, thinly populated, rural area; the backwoods; hence, in extended use, any area that is off the beaten track or thought to be provincial or unsophisticated

...and I started meeting a lot of people from um- what I call the sticks, I 'm so- I was- yeah you-know, I- I must admit I think I was...
Rural area
Speaker: Yup, they're all nice little towns. But, were just back in the sticks and quiet. Interviewer: Yeah it's nice though. I'm liking it. Speaker: I know and the first time my aunt come over from England…
Rural area
Speaker: They'd say we're from the sticks. Interviewer: The sticks? Speaker: Yeah. The sticks means you're backward, you're back from the- Interviewer: Mm, yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker: From the bush.
Rural area