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never no

Parf of speech: Phrase, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


... anybody wanted something drawed, for a little extra money, you done it. It didn't matter about what time it was when you got home. You're not- you-see, driving a truck w-- with me, it was never no effort. You-know, some people, you-know, it was tired and things like that. You-know, when you're driving a truck sitting down there all day, and when you come through here and get your supper at night, you're just want to go lay on the couch.
"never any"
... young people from miles around would come and they could- well they could skate there and they- the lads come up Saturday afternoon and clean it all off and they'd skate all weekend. There was never no money involved, you-know, just ah- that was the nice part of it the- ... parents knew where they were and you-know.
"never any"