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Gift of gab

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1790, OED Evaluation: N/A

The action of gabbing or talking; conversation, prattle, talk, twaddle

So I- I couldn 't tell when he wrote it but he tr-- he did say "If she appears to be too wordy," he said ah "You 've got the gift the Irish- the gift of gab."
To chat a lot
And I was like, "Ba-ba-du-ba," like I didn't know what to say. I'm like- I am not one to be struck dumb, the gift of the gab is one of my like gifts of the world, I could not think of a thing to say.
To chat a lot
Interviewer: So what was it like to be working in that confectionery? Speaker: Well it was quite an experience. Interviewer: I bet you. Speaker: That's what I get- ah you-know, obtain my gift of the gab you-know (laughs)? We used to ah- we'd open at eight-thirty in the morning.
To chat a lot