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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1905, OED Evaluation: Short for jollification

a thrill of enjoyment or excitement

I just- I just find the frustrating things is- and I 've gotten to the point right now where I really don 't care, because it 's kind-of like they 're people there who are obviously getting their jollies from having a power-trip and fine if that 's what makes them happy, then go right ahead
Excited, enjoyment, happiness
Between Greenwood and Coxwell-station is the closest ah between two- two stations, so for- you-know, to get our jollies, whatever, I mean, the subway would go and then we 'd hop down and we 'd try and sprint from Greenwood to Coxwell before the next train came.
Excited, enjoyment, happiness
Yeah, there's people that drive around and for example they'll take pictures of old, um, ah, theatre markees, 'kay, the theatres that were built back in the twenties and thirties 'cause they were all different and- and people will drive around purposely- they- they get their jollies out of just seeing these old theatres and I- I met a guy like that.
Excited, enjoyment, happiness