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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1806, OED Evaluation: NA


Yeah yeah. Another puzzle part that you won't know is last year- well I'm licensed through the Canadian-Co-operative-Wool-Growers. And all that means is to take the wool off a sheep in one piece and leave as much skin to grow next year's, eh?
A place to sell wool.
In the spring of the year the sheep would be clipped and the fleeces taken (flips the page) to Carlton-Place to the wool-growers.
A place to sell wool.
And then you'd roll them all up into a ball and keep each- each fleece separate. And then the what they call in Carleton-Place the wool-growers, you've maybe heard of them, eh. And that you'd sell out there, get a better money for it.
A place to sell wool.