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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1500, OED Evaluation: N/A

A favour, a gift, a thing freely or graciously bestowed

And- well, we call it the Olympic-pool. The Donald- the Summerville-Pool at the bottom of Woodbine-Avenue. And that was a big boon for the community is to have those beautiful pools open up. And of course, it was free-of-charge. And so I remember like, you-know, we would just go there for when it opened at ten in the morning, come home for lunch, go back.
Something helpful or beneficial
So you accept his love. And so they lived by his rules and received boons for it and he promised like they would be the ones to come up on top.
Something helpful or beneficial
Speaker: By this time I was married and- yeah, in forty-eight when we got hydro. Interviewer: Yeah, yeah. Speaker: That was a big boon.
Something helpful or beneficial