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Conk out

Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1918, OED Evaluation: Colloquial

To break down, give out, fail, or show signs of failing; to die, collapse, or lose consciousness. Also fig. Also with out.

And like when I'm tired, and I'm in bed and I'm conking out, and I'm being asked stupid questions, I lose it.
Fall asleep
All of them. And um, and I always- when I w-- went on to a- a committee ah, I always had something in mind. And ah, and my beef is- my big beefs in the retail business was, if you came in and bought an iron from us and um, and ah, you had it for three months or four months and ah it conked out, um we had to send it out for repairs. And I always maintained that we should have a one-year replacement- replacement policy.
But we loved it. We'd eat and literally just conk out, you-know, and sleep like a baby, you-know, life was good.
Fall asleep