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beaver hay

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: N/A


Speaker: Yeah, some places they made them. Interviewer: Yeah. Speaker: Just all round. Interviewer: Quite different. Um- Speaker: Brought them to a peak. Generally went and got a- a load of wild hay from the beaver meadow or somewhere. Interviewer: Yeah. Speaker: To put on the top because beaver hay turned the water much better than the other. Interviewer: Oh that's interesting. I wonder why that was. Speaker: I don't know. At that time, you-know, they, ah- they used to have these big beaver meadows that they had to cut with, ah, the scythe. You've seen them?
The rank grass that grows in beaver meadows.
Speaker: The loft was above and you put up a hand, you-know? Interviewer: Mm-hm. Speaker: You'd fork it up to the loft and somebody would stack it back and spread it back in the mow. Interviewer: Yes. This was wild hay. Speaker: Wild hay, yeah. Interviewer: Yes. Speaker: Beaver w-- what they call beaver hay. Interviewer: Yes.
The rank grass that grows in beaver meadows.