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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1725, OED Evaluation: NA

A bundle (of osiers, etc.) of a certain size; a bundle of reeds, 3 ft. in circumference.

Speaker: I always remember father telling a story about- and of course a man going down Coleman-Street with a bolt of goods over his shoulder and the back end of it was on fire (laughs). But he had stolen this- this bolt of goods when, you-know, the fire- the firemen were there. He was- Interviewer: Oh he went into the building? Speaker: He went into the building, stole a bolt of goods and went down the street and it was on fire at the back (laughs). Interviewer: What bolt of goods? What fire? Speaker: (laughs) I-don't-know how he carried it 'cause they were huge bolts of- of goods that used to come in there. Um very, very large. But anyway he was carrying it.
A type of container.