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Flat pan

Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: N/A, OED Evaluation: NA


Well, at the beginning it was set in pans, big flat pans, and then, when the cream had raise to the top, there was what they called a skimmer of ten, with the little holes in it, and you'd just slip that under the cream, and put it in a special container, 'til you had enough to churn.
A large round pan made of stone.
Cut them and then when we had a- what they call an old flat pan. They're like those out of stone- out a piece from the house and they- they put the flat pan on it was opened up, you-know, and this- and then you put the sap in there and you sit there and you- boils up.
A large round pan made of stone.
And ah she made her own soap, from this- when you kill the pigs and-stuff she'd save the- the fat in one-thing-or-another and- and made her- I remember the big flat pan she'd make it in, cut it all in squares and ah- and all- like there's-
A large round pan made of stone.