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Parf of speech: Adjective, OED Year: 1969, OED Evaluation: North American. Colloquial

Dirty, grimy; murky

Interviewer: Well I find that on Queen-Street. Queen-and-Spadina, it 's super trendy, you cross Queen-street and it 's just like scary. Speaker: Scuzzy. Yes.
Nasty, dirty
There is- yeah, the wharf is south of the tracks and it's funny because we have a beautiful lakeshore trail down there- Bayshore trail, but it's just like, scuzzy little war-time houses with scuzzy little people that sit on their lawn and drink a lot of beer and get really drunk.
Nasty, dirty
Um but ah last time she was in Toronto um I had a big thrill because ah I got to introduce her to my mom, ah which was really really cool, um and because like a lot of the work that I do tends to be at like- not scuzzy places but scuzzy places, like (laughs) part of like...
Nasty, dirty