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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1923, OED Evaluation: N/A

To chat, banter, or joke, freq. with a person; to behave in a lighthearted or informal manner, to fool around.

And- and maybe twenty, thirty guys would get together and they 'd rent a room above a store. The rent might be eight- dollars a-month or so and they 'd scrounge an old sofa and a couple of lamps and a radio and they 'd go up there. And maybe a ping-pong table and it was a- a kibitz place where you 'd kibitz and then they 'd- you 'd have the-
To speak informally, to chat
Speaker: And ah, she would be charged with something, you-see so she'd climb up- she had rubber boots on, long dress right down and she would have his old bandana around, you-know? And she'd climb up those stairs and all the dogs following behind her. The story goes- I wasn't there but Seymour-Almonson who was a judge at the time. Interviewer: Yeah. Speaker: Well he used to kibitz with her because he was sort of a- they were both characters, you-know?
To speak informally, to chat