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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1890, OED Evaluation: N/A

A commotion, a to-do, a ‘sensation’; hubbub, uproar.

I thi-- it's a good thing they have other offices or there's something else in there, because just for a library to function on its own, you-know, it's a- And then they made this brouhaha 'cause the police wanted a new police-station. Well, my gosh, the place they were in there was terrible!
Noisy reponse to something
I- I'm sure wha-- I'm sure when they had school dances, oh I'm sure there was drinking involved, and kids would sneak in stuff, you-know. But there was never any brouhaha about it if they did it. There was never any fights or tha-- not that we ever witnessed anyway.
Noisy reponse to something
So I gave them my name. Well, she said, "We have a D." "Oh," I said, "That's my husband. He passed away, like, thirteen years ago and I never changed it." And I guess that's where all the brouhaha came in. I don't know what they figured, so I said to the lady at the gas-company, "You mean I have to pay eighty-two dollars and-whatever to change an initial on a gas bill?"
Noisy reponse to something