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Parf of speech: Adjective, OED Year: 1895, OED Evaluation: Originally military slang

Of a job, situation, etc.: undemanding, easy; requiring little or no effort; (later) spec. involving little effort, but ample or disproportionate rewards

Cause I have all these luxuries like let's face it, even the fact that we're sort-of sitting here and hanging out, talking about this, like you guys are going to university next year. I'm sort-of like have it pretty cushy like living with my parents until I basically pay off the rest of my student loan.
Easy, comfortable
Ah I shudder every time I say, "I quit my job" because it's a really- I won't- I won't go so far to say it was a cushy job, but it was decent paying, full benefits, lots of holidays.
Easy, comfortable