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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1593, OED Evaluation: Colloquial

To walk in a trailing or untidy way; e.g. to walk or ‘trail’ through the mud; to walk with the dress trailing or bedraggled; to walk about aimlessly or needlessly.

The skunk sprayed the dog and the dog was all upset because the skunk had, you-know, had skunk smell all over it and it came into the shed with us and tried to get into bed with us 'cause it was all upset. So of course we had skunk smelly dog all over these sheets and blankets and my mother said she'll never forget the sight of us traipsing past the kitchen window, dragging our sheets and pillows and-everything, blankets, back into the house all wet now because it's been raining...
To move wearily
With this great big shoulder unit right. I think we were the first ones in town to have a video camera. So he used to traipse this thing around, carry it. So here we are at Esker-Park, ah, I am thirteen, my sister's fourteen, my younger brother's eleven and my dad's taking video...
To move wearily