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Parf of speech: Adjective, OED Year: 1275, OED Evaluation: NA

Notable or considerable in respect of size, quantity, or number; fairly large, sizeable.

Nope just the whole- I always wanted to go to Europe and being something of a snob I thought, "What the heck?" So I- since I 'd been working since I was thirteen, and had that- had found out the year previous that my father was to pay for my education, I had twelve-hundred or so dollars which back in those days was a goodly chunk of change. So I went for six weeks, two months, something like that.
Of great size or distance.
Interviewer: And that would be a goodly walk. Speaker: Oh it was a goodly walk. But then, by the time we were ready to go, some of the bigger boys would have the driver's license so we would walk down 'til we hit some of them and get rides and- Interviewer: Yeah. Speaker: Some of them would help, get us home.
Of great size or distance.