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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1918, OED Evaluation: Slang. Originally and chiefly U.S.

To deride, jeer; to mock or make fun of (a person or thing).

so everyone was older than me in the class and so I w-- didn't have like super close friends in the class and they always used to razz me for like, my dad being the teacher and like, obviously I get good grades because my dad's the teacher, and-all-that.
Tease, hackle
And I used to really get razzed because- well everybody in King-Kirkland's related. Oh ju-- just a minute now. I- I'm not quite related to everybody but let me think. I had four relatives in Canada and then when I got married, I suddenly had four hundred more (laughs). 'Cause my wife's family is all around here (laughs).
Tease, hackle