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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1725, OED Evaluation: Chiefly Sc.

A lass, girl.

I can remember over in Trenton when we had one there in the church, one tiny little lassie she is married now, but this little lassie started throwing, she was an angel and she started throwing straw at the other people in the scene.
A lass, a girl.
I haven't been in the church in some years but they had black cassocks and they weren't too long, and this lassie's underneath her black cassock had on a wide white pantsuit you-see.
A lass, a girl.
Interviewer: This is quite the band. Speaker: There- there's the young lassie. Her first parade, she was just thirteen years old (laughs).
A lass, a girl.