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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1868, OED Evaluation: NA

Used as a name of various fish (chiefly Salmonidæ) resembling the trout in appearance or habits. Now local. With defining prefix, as the name of various species of the genus Salmo (or of the allied genus Salvelinus), and occasionally of other genera.

So I- I liked fishing for- for trout and splake and speckerel and- and he started to get me into ah ah brook trout as well.
A type of trout
Speaker: We fished a lot. Ah, I never did hunt but we- we- we brought home, ah, brook-trout for- for- for supper. Interviewer: So what was the best catch you ever got? Speaker: Ooh, the best catch. Probably about four or five brook-trout.
A type of trout