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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1820, OED Evaluation: Colloquial

A lady who keeps her seat at the side of a room during dancing, whether because she cannot find a partner or by her own choice

That was the idea. Yeah. You-know I was- if you got invited to it you were lucky. And then you could go down to the auditorium where they held the tea dances which were in the afternoons and hopefully somebody would ask you to dance. Stand there like a wallflower.
a girl who sits during a dance and doesn't dance
No, no. You'd never go alone. Oh no. We'd sit like little wallflowers or something. And we also had a movie theatre and- not a theatre but in the town hall we had a- um well it was chairs and a thing. And they had a- they'd bring all these old movies and we'd go and sit there on a Friday night, I think it was twenty-five-cents, and- and then the next week you'd have to go 'cause it was a serial.
a girl who sits during a dance and doesn't dance