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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1386, OED Evaluation: Chemistry

(Alternate spelling of tartar) Bitartrate of potash (acid potassium tartrate), present in grape juice, deposited in a crude form in the process of fermentation, and adhering to the sides of wine-casks in the form of a hard crust, also called argal or argol n.1, which in the crude state varies from pale pink to dark red, but when purified forms white crystals, which are cream of tartar.

This boy he was a tarter, his name was Jake-Moore and um he- I used to take the kids down you-know to when they registered and he wanted to go into mining engineering and the professor said, "now why are you thinking of mining engineering?" He said one of his best friends was going into mining engineering.
Someone who is stern or strict perhaps
She was really an old-tarter but (laughs) you learned.
Someone who is stern or strict perhaps